Minimalist Beach House


Laguna Beach, California


.24 Acre Lot
5,320 sf Residence


A southern California winter home for Chicago based clients. Our client had owned and enjoyed this property for over a decade, during that time they were able to fully understand all of the dynamics of the location. They understood the coastal breezes, the good and the bad natural light, and the beautiful reflective characteristics. Their experience on the property was key when it came time to rebuild a new home to replace the dysfunctional existing home. We had many meetings in which we listened to their experiences, shared innumerous images together, and exchanged untolled email volleys with our very design savvy client. This process allowed us to understand how they live in the house and experience the property it led to a design that conquered the deficiencies of the home to be demolished. The result is this very streamlined minimalist home that captures the essential views, allows for an abundance of natural light and reflectivity beyond our client’s wildest dreams

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